Maiden begins to look like a yacht again

It’s been a busy week on board Maiden at Hamble Yacht Services Refit and Repair, with a number of trades now engaged on deck, down below, and on the hull below the waterline. The painters have primed Maiden: and are now applying filler now as they work on getting a smooth finish before painting and antifouling the hull. There’s been a clear up on deck and down below! The shipwrights are now working on installing the bulkheads aft in the areas for the toilet, nav station and galley. The forepeak

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Crew, Guests and Mile-Builders

Hello All Just a quick notification of how to register for Crew Places, Paying Guest Places and Mile-Builders; Go to the homepage of the website and click on the relevant box. Click on Important Information tab for requirements and then register your details. Please don’t email as we are being swamped! Thank you Tracy Edwards MBE

Four months till launch!

Well firstly I must apologise for the lack of news on the Blog but hopefully you have been following updates from Kaia on our Facebook page. So much has been going on it is hard to know where to start. The welding and hull plate replacement has taken much longer than anticipated as the aluminium was in a much worse state than we had first been informed. This has led to the launch being delayed from 28th June to 24th

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Maiden’s new skin

Maiden has now been in the shed for just over a month and boy has there been a lot going on.  The metal workers have been carefully cutting out the really bad areas of aluminium with extreme electrolysis. Some panels have been restored but most are too damaged so new ones are being fixed in place and welded.   Work also continues on deck now that everything has been removed.  The damaged parts of the deck are being mended and

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Maiden is in da house!

On Wednesday 9th August Maiden finally went into the shed and she is almost exactly where she was 28 years ago for her refit and new paint job before the 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race. You can actually see how much work the hull needs and the next job is to cut out the aluminium which is cause for concern. The deck also needs a lot of work and the red markings have been put there by the surveyor

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Primed and Ready

Maiden has now been home for 10 weeks and work on the restoration has been relentless.  In June we constructed scaffolding and a tent round the boat as work continued to remove equipment and the dreaded foam from the interior.  This was a horrendous job for the guys but they really got on with it.  Howard in the meantime has been kitting out the container whilst equipment is sorted through to determine what can be saved and restored and what

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The restoration begins

Maiden has now been home for 5 weeks and our Project Manager, Howard Gibbons, along with the guys at HYS have not wasted any time.  She really is in a sad state and the first job was to remove all the ruined equipment from the deck and from down below before stripping all the foam from the interior of the hull (not a pleasant task!) Once everything had been removed, the next job was to build scaffolding around her before

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Maiden is home

Photos by Rick Tomlinson It is the end of a very long day which began at 5am getting ready for BBC Breakfast News!  So, please forgive me but once again this is a story in pictures until tomorrow when I will have time to do justice to this amazing day. Maiden is now in her beautiful new custom built cradle and she is tucked up for her first night at home.  Sweet dreams sweet Maiden……………..

Nearly there!

Photos by Rick Tomlinson Well, another day of excitement!  The crew and supporters were on board the Seafin in Hamble by 8am this morning and off to Southampton Docks followed by various RIBS.  The weather was perfect as motored towards the Roll Dock Sky and her precious cargo. Our Project Manager Howard Gibbons, who had flown into the UK early this morning hot-footed it to Hamble Point to be picked up by one of the Sea Start RIBS and he

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Maiden is home – at last…

Please forgive me but this post will be mostly pictures.  Later today I will update you properly. Yesterday, Maiden arrived home into Southampton and it was like a dream. After four years of struggle, she was carried into the Solent on the Roll Dock Sky and I have to say she looked stoic sitting there in her cradle on deck.  We spotted her as the fog lifted and the sun came through the clouds and I have to say there

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