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Darling Harbour Marina
8th February 2019

Royal NZ Yacht Squadron
3rd March 2019

Cairns Marlin Marina
6th April 2019

Royal HK Yacht Club Marina
10th May 2019

Grand Shanghai Internationla Marina
5th June 2019

Yumenoshima Marina
27 June 2019

Coal Harbour Marina
7th August 2019

Bell Harbour Marina
23th August 2019

Pier 93
10th September 2019

23rd September 2019

Punta Arenas
6th November 2019

24th November 2019

English Harbour
3rd January 2020

Marina Del Ray
17th February 2020

Annapolis Yacht Club
31st March 2020

Newport and The Hamptons
17th April 2020

41 North Marina
17th June 2020

24th Jul 2020

St Katherine Docks
3rd August 2020

Valetta, Malta
31 August 2020

Ayla Marina
1st October 2020

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