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Maiden World Tour Foundation

Maiden is quite simply a beloved legend. 

Maiden is the iconic yacht that carried the first all-female crew to ever sail around the world when Tracy Edwards MBE skippered her in the 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race.  So many had thought it impossible for a crew of girls to survive the race or even to complete a leg of the race.  Tracy and her team battled the cynics and the odds and, with the support of HM King Hussein of Jordan, they sailed into the record books winning two legs and placing second overall; the best result for a British yacht since 1977 and unbeaten to this day.

Maiden was sold after the race and fell into disrepair before being discovered by Tracy in 2014 rotting in the Indian Ocean.  She knew she couldn’t let this doyen of Maritime History be lost to the world so she raised the funds to save her.  In honour and memory of her father’s contribution to Maiden that she remembered as a child, King Hussein’s daughter, HRH Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, offered her help and Maiden was brought back to the UK and restored to her former glory before setting off on a three-year world tour, making waves again. 

Thirty years ago, Maiden was living proof that equality can be achieved if we all work together.  Today Maiden’s new mission is equally, if not more important, to inspire and empower women and girls to reach their potential through education. 

The new Maiden skipper and crew are sailing with a purpose and have become Global Ambassadors for the seismic shift that is happening when it comes to addressing gender equality; changing laws and changing the planet.  It is critical that the girls and women hit hardest by gender inequality – those living in extreme poverty and uneducated – are not left behind. 

From carrying the first all-female crew to sail around the world 30 years ago, to touring the world with a new all-female crew, Maiden has come full circle carrying the message of equality for all.  The movie Maiden is taking the country by storm as it chronicles Tracy Edwards’ audacious fight for gender equality and Maiden is delighting larger and larger crowds at every port on the world tour; making headlines and raising funds and awareness for girls’ education.

Maiden World Tour Foundation Inc. is incorporated in New York as a not for profit awaiting US 501(c) (3) status, to raise funds for the continued preservation of Maiden and to facilitate her ongoing world tour.  All donations go to secure the operating funding for the highly visible and inspiring Maiden boat and team which in turn powers global fund raising for the Maiden Factor Foundation programs which make basic education possible to for disenfranchised girls globally with no access to education, to give them the fighting chance they deserve. Maiden is a vital strategic asset for raising money for girls’ education, raising 3-10 times more when the boat and crew are in port! We are now raising funds and looking for sponsors to support the tour over the next three years as she travels over 90,000 miles visiting over 40 destinations in over 20 countries.

Join the Keep Maiden Moving team, lead the way in equality for all and become a Foundation Member.


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