Our Mission

The Maiden Factor works with and supports a number of charities which fulfil the following criteria:

Empower/teach/mentor girls and/or promote, facilitate, lobby for or provide solutions which enable the education of girls not currently afforded that basic human right.

Through Maiden we have the ability to not only fundraise on a global scale; with her high profile we can promote the issues currently facing the organisations with whom we work. The Maiden Factor is a hub with the potential to link fundraisers with the organisations actually making a difference and to involve fundraisers, individuals and organisations, in real time programmes and events. There are opportunities to send representatives or employees on legs of one of our ongoing projects, the Maiden Message of Hope Relay, to volunteer directly with this programme and other events and to mentor girls currently being assisted by the various programmes (DBS/CRB checks apply).

With a holistic approach we aim to change today’s world for today’s girls and to that end we aim to raise funds to engage; volunteers, individual donors, organisations, their employees and girls schools in the developed world. During that process we can educate those who can make a difference and promote the rights of girls on the world stage through Maiden, an iconic reminder of what girls can achieve if they are allowed to realise their full potential.



Message of Hope

From the offset, it was clear that children were to play an important role within the project, helping to change attitudes around the world about the importance of girls’ education and equality.

As soon as Maiden’s new mission was announced, schools were keen to be involved. They wanted to know how they could help Maiden in her mission to remove the barriers currently facing girls unable to access education around the world.

And so, the ‘Message of Hope’ relay was born.

The idea is simple, Messages of Hope will be written by children in school, to girls around the world unable to go to school. These messages will be carried within a baton on board Maiden and relayed to children at each of the stopovers, to be handed over in a ceremony.

The messages will be added to by children of that country and the relay continues. Eventually, at the end of the two-year journey, the children’s messages will be added to a book about Maiden's voyage and sold to raise funds for The Maiden Factor partner charities.

So, the Maiden Factor team has been visiting schools, telling the inspirational story of Maiden. They talk about Tracy and her crew's dogged determination to push through the prejudice and smash the glass ceiling in sailing and sport to get the first all-female crew to the start of the world’s toughest race. 

The Maiden Factor Team tell how Maiden and her girls never gave up and battled giant seas, icebergs and freezing temperatures, winning 2 of the race legs and eventually, defying the critics and doubters, finished second overall, but won the hearts of a nation and indeed the world.

They go on to tell how, after the race, Maiden had to be sold and was lost, and then in 2014, was found abandoned and ransacked by pirates, in the Seychelles.

They describe Maiden's new mission, the issues they want to address and explain how Maiden is now being used to try and make a difference to girls’ lives worldwide, for the benefit of the whole world.

At the end of the presentation, they ask for the children’s help.

Pupils are invited to write their inspirational Messages of Hope to girls in all the different parts of the world who are unable to access an education. The messages can be an encouragement to be courageous, supportive or motivational and may include why children think that it is important that all girls receive an education and how they think this would benefit our world.

All the children's messages are displayed on the Message of Hope wall in the Schools Hub.

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