The Maiden Factor Foundation
From November 2018 to March 2020

The Maiden Factor Foundation raised funds to advance girls education from November 2018 to February 2020 for selected charities, each of whom work in an area of enabling girls into Education. Educating girls, offers economic and social benefits, from their wider contributions in the work place to reducing high birth rates, and dismantling domestic violence. Educating girls benefits families, communities and nations by empowering them to make informed life decisions and to be more engaged citizens.

Because The Maiden Factor Ltd funded all aspects of admin, management, accounting, marketing and staffing, every penny raised by The Maiden Factor Foundation will be donated to these charities in March 2020 to support them in their mission to educate girls.

We have learned so much during the past year and from 1st March onwards, Maiden will be raising funds for our constantly developing activities and programmes, which we feel have the most impact and which enable our vision of interactive community programmes, legacy scholarships and support for girls’ empowerment through education.

The funds you have so generously helped us raise, will be shared equally between our chosen charities and they join us in thanking you for the support and the enthusiasm you shown over the past 16 months.

These are those charities;

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