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To advance the education of girls aged 5 to 18 years old who would not otherwise receive a formal or vocational education.

Registered Charity Number 1160746 The Maiden Factor Foundation.

The Maiden Factor Foundation was set up to raise money and receive donations for girls education. We are in the process of developing a Schools Programme which will build upon the work that Maiden and her crew are currently carrying out with schools around the world. Presently, as Maiden sails around the world on her two year world tour, we are in a unique position to host schools on Maiden when in port and to speak at schools in the area. Maiden is a perfect example of what girls can achieve is someone believes in them. We aim to inspire and empower girls and women whilst raising funds to facilitate girls in receiving an education where currently they are excluded.At the conclusion of the Maiden World Tour, The Maiden Factor Foundation will fund schools in developing countries directly, with a focus on the inclusion of girls aged 5 to 18.

The benefits of educating girls are wide ranging from economic (e.g. empowering girls to obtain jobs that would otherwise not be available to them) to social (e.g. reducing high birth rates, helping tackle domestic violence). Educating girls, their families and communities will benefit the girls because knowledge is the first step to empowering individuals to make their own choices about their future.

Please see below for details of our Partner Charities who will receive 50% of all funds raised by the yacht Maiden between 7th November 2018 and the end of the Maiden World Tour on 1st May 2021. These funds are distributed equally amongst our Partner Charities.

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