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Ambassadors | Voices

Yasmeen Shabsough

A 24 year old professional football player from Jordan.

Yasmeen grew up in a loving family where she was the only girl, surrounded everyday by boys playing the beautiful game. Her daily mission: to prove she was equally talented and up to the challenge, fulfilling her rightful spot on the pitch. Throughout her childhood and well into her young adult life, this mission was a continuous learning tool helping her to continue to fight for equality and break down barriers in a male dominant region.

Yasmeen joined her country’s national team in 2009 when she was 13 years old and with hard work and determination worked her way up into the senior’s team. Yasmeen has now been playing football for 13 years now and is aiming for at least 13 more!

Throughout her journey, Yasmeen faced various levels of discrimination and inequality. It was clear from the start that the path she was on was a very unequal playing field. However, her dedication and family support inspired her to battle on and learn from these gross inequalities and fight for an equal playing field for all. The lack of female leaders and representation of women in sports organisations made her more determined to become one of those women and help open more doors for others.

In 2016 Yasmeen was part of the Local Organizing Committee for FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup held in Jordan. In 2017 (to this day), she has immersed herself in understanding the power of sport to educate in schools and communities, to tackle societal challenges and give opportunities to girls (and boys) in rural areas and refugee camps. At the same time Yasmeen started to volunteer with the grassroots non-profit, Equal Playing Field (EPF), to challenge gender inequality in sport and to promote sports development for girls and women globally. With Equal Playing Field, she broke four Guinness World Records promoting gender equality in sports. In 2020 Yasmeen worked with the local organising committee of the Jordan Olympic Committee for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Asia/Oceania Road to Tokyo 2020 Boxing Qualifiers.