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Maiden - The Film

Maiden is a documentary film by Alex Holmes about Tracy Edwards and the crew of the Maiden as they compete as the first all-woman crew in the 1989-1990 Whitbread Round the World Race.

The film was produced by Victoria Gregory's New Black Films.

"The best part of the film tour was meeting all those who have been inspired by Maiden's story, chatting to them and finding out how it had impacted upon their lives. I especially enjoyed meeting the young people and school students who came to the screenings.

Most of them hadn't been born at the time of the Whitbread and were shocked and angered at the backlash we received as women in the race. It was fantastic to know that we have a new generation that are ready to fight for equality and stand up for what they believe in!"

- Tracy Edwards MBE

A photo of some people in a film strip style.

Maiden chronicles the team's 167 day, 32,018 mile Whitbread journey around the globe in one of the toughest yacht races that the world has ever seen. They overcame icebergs, a tornado and five days without food. Their achievements shattered stereotypes, broke records and inspired a generation.

A photo of a group of young ladies chosen to attend the Nantucket Captain's Academy with Madakat Marine focusing on Women in STEM.

"Turned up to a Maiden film screening and met this awesome group of young ladies who have been chosen to attend the very first Nantucket Captain's Academy with Madakat Marine focusing on Women in STEM!"

- Tracy Edwards MBE

A photo of some film advertisements for The Maiden Film.A selection of photos from the Maiden Film premiere.

"Every single person who can see this film should see it"

"Probably one of the best movies of the year"

"Right now it just seems so important that women know more about what other women have done"

A photo of some young women wearing Maiden t-shirts.