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Ocean Globe Race 2023

Join the Voyage for Girls' Education

Maiden and her all female crew are on a remarkable journey, not just racing in the Ocean Global Race (OGR) showing what a girl can achieve, but also sailing with the mission of supporting girls’ education around the world, so they too can follow their dreams. For the crew, each leg of the Ocean Globe Race 2023 isn't just a nautical challenge but a voyage of hope, determination, action and progress and we invite you to join us!

There are so many reasons why girls cannot and do not access education; on each leg of the race we will highlight one of those reasons and raise money for charities in that relevant field working to change girls’ lives through education.

As we embark on Leg Four of the Ocean Globe Race, our collective efforts so far have laid a strong foundation for change. In Leg One, we tackled forced and early marriage, protecting girls' rights to their childhoods and futures. Leg Two saw us championing access to education for those girls banned from school in countries like Afghanistan, thanks to your unwavering support. Most recently, in Leg Three, we focused on providing single-sex toilets for girls in schools, a crucial step towards ensuring their safety, dignity, and uninterrupted education. For Leg Four, we are focusing on securing access to clean water for girls, to further remove barriers to education for girls.

Denying girls an education perpetuates gender inequality and hinders the potential for girls to have better futures such as a job; to earn higher incomes; make their own decisions; participate in society or the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Our goal is straightforward: to remove the barrier that lack of access to clean water poses to girls' education. Across the globe, the burden of collecting water often falls on girls, keeping them out of school and limiting their futures. By ensuring access to clean water, we aim to free up their time for education, enabling them to focus on learning and personal growth.

The absence of clean water forces girls around the globe to choose between schooling and collecting water - a choice no child should face. We will support efforts that seek to eliminate this dilemma by providing sustainable water solutions to communities in need. This is about more than just water; it's about enabling education and opening up opportunities for girls.

This situation is further exacerbated during periods of drought, which have become increasingly common due to climate change. The drought that began in October 2020, for example, has led to the drying up or contamination of water sources, leaving at least 11.6 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia without sufficient access to safe water. The scarcity of water not only makes the physical journey for these girls more challenging but also has a ripple effect on their ability to maintain hygiene, especially during menstruation, often leading to school absenteeism or complete dropout (wateraid, 2022).

Your contributions will help us remove barriers and support access to safe water sources, reducing the need for long, unsafe journeys to collect water and allowing more girls to stay in school. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of girls, one step at a time, ensuring their journey is towards education. Your support can transform futures.

Sponsor a Mile, Ignite a Dream

Please consider sponsoring a mile of Maiden's third leg in the OGR and stand with us in our mission to ensure that every girl has the right to an education. We will work with charities who break down the barriers for girls to access education and achieve their dreams to shape their futures and contribute to their communities and society. By supporting our cause, you play a pivotal role in paving the way for equality. Your donations enable us to champion the right to education, establish safe learning environments for girls and provide opportunities that will transform their lives.

You have the power to become a beacon of change in a girl's life. Rally behind our cause by sponsoring a mile of this incredible voyage. The third leg of our journey spans an impressive 5,889 nautical miles, and your sponsorship can be tailored to your generosity, ranging from 1p to 10p per mile, or even a fixed donation amount per leg.

Every mile sponsored fuels the winds of change. Join our crew of changemakers today and let's sail towards a world where every girl can rise above adversity and claim her right to education.

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Meet our fearless all-female crew, taking on the stormy seas to support girls' education:

A photo of Heather Thomas.

"The Ocean Globe Race is the ultimate adventure and test of courage, strength and determination.

To go back to basics and sail the world without modern technology especially GPS is such a cool opportunity. In 1989 Tracy and the crew of Maiden proved to the world that it could be done, now I want to show young women around the world what they themselves are capable of with hard work and determination.

With the Maiden Factor's following and modern-world social media, we have a really unique platform to inspire young girls and women around the world to dream big!"

Heather Thomas, Skipper

Leg Four OGR Crew

Leg Three OGR Crew

Leg Two OGR Crew

Leg One OGR Crew