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Crew Members

Amicia Hopkins

Ami is an engineer with a passion for sailing! When Ami joined Maiden in September she took a decisive step towards her dream of developing this into a career and quickly became a valuable member of the team. “I remember when we took Ami on, Maiden was at Southampton Boat Show and the crew called me to say thank you sending the woman who was fixing everything. I said I hadn’t sent anyone and to grab her and ask if she wanted a job! Luckily for us she said yes.” Tracy Edwards MBE. Ami sailed weekly for over 10 years, in various dinghies competitively, gaining her RYA level 1&2 Dinghy Sailing, Day Skipper and VHF Short Range, before joining us and also completed the sailing training with the Clipper Race Team with a view to completing a leg in a future race. Ami is a very positive person with a strong work ethic and keeps everything running smoothly. Since joining Maiden, Ami has passed her Yachtmaster Theory and sailed over 30,000 nautical miles and is an integral part of the Maiden Outreach Days at destinations around the world, enthusing and encouraging girls to get excited about STEM subjects. What drives Ami? “If you’ve ever lost someone, you realise quickly that you only get a limited amount of time on this earth; do whatever makes you happy. You only get one shot at life and existing through it is not living” What does she love about sailing? “Seeing the sights that can only be seen from a sailing vessel; whales bigger than the boat, the sunrise with a 360 degree horizon and clouds in their full expanded glory!”