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Crew Members


Dhanya is a film maker, designer and sailor. Her fascination for sailing started by seeing postcards with sailboats on them as a kid and playing with her dad’s model sailboat that they would float on small ponds in the Indian monsoon season. Dhanya says that it’s very rare to see a sailboat in India and there were even sailing clubs that were called that but had no sailboats. Growing up in Mumbai she managed to approach the small sailing fraternity and is now a very active sailor and has been for over 20 years. Dhanya was part of the Indian Women’s Team Windcatchers when they raced in the Thailand Match Race III, Qatar Open Match Racing, Nations Qualifiers Mumbai and the Women’s World Match Racing Championships in Busan. She also passed her Duke of Edinburgh Broze Award! She wants to share her stories/life lessons that sailing has shown her and her contemporaries in a short stories book titled -the Tell Tales. Dhanya says “Sailing around the world is a great way to see/understand the changes in our eco systems and test our own future coping mechanisms. Looking forward to the immersive experience of Sailing with a varied crew of Maiden in the big water body that holds our planet together.” Why does Dhanya love sailing? “Sailors are a special breed. Each of us have so many adventures to share. Sailing is a great way to explore the world and it builds in you a unique point of view on how the world works.”