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Crew Members

Flavia Onore

The Whitbread is in Flavia’s blood, her uncle having competed 40 years ago. “This is a way to get to know him as I never met him,” said the 22 year old, a passionate sailor since she was a young child messing about with her parents and two siblings around the islands of Tuscany. There is a close family connection with the sea as her parents first met on a sailboat and duly married. Flavia spent every free moment on boats in her teenage years, to the detriment at one point of her schooling. The inevitable parental crackdown ( a short- lived six months) made sure that Flavia applied themself to their studies. A two year stint at a prestigious club near Rome, where they joined up with a female 420 racing crew, honed their craft. Flavia was much taken by the prospect of working in an all- female set-up. Having spent a couple of years being involved in various crewing capacities, chartering across the Atlantic from Antigua, they bridled at the reality that it was invariably an 85% male environment. They yearned to be ‘thought of as a sailor rather than as a hostess.’ And yet Flavia almost missed the opportunity to make the cut for Maiden, emailing their application at the last minute but they ticked every box. Their deep-rooted relationship with the sea comes through in every interaction, with the boat itself as well as with the people alongside her. They are a powerhouse of personality and exuberance, a charismatic figure but also a grafter. Every boat needs an extrovert and Flavia fits the bill perfectly.