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Crew Members

Molly Lambert Lapointe

Molly is a central part of the Maiden family having been on the boat since she helped crew it from Newport across the Atlantic to the Azores last September. The 28 year old American (who hopes shortly to complete Italian citizenship) is considered a ‘nuclear’ crew member having worked on Maiden Outreach Days, an integral part of the project to inform, educate and stimulate. Molly cut her sailing teeth in conventional fashion, learning her craft initially on her father’s 22 foot lanzer in and around the family home in Maine. Molly has always had a simple mantra for life at sea – Ship. Shipmates. Self. Those principles have been applied to her academic as well as sporting life. Molly graduated from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts in 2017 with a degree in French Language and Linguistics and has spent the intervening years adding to her sea-faring knowledge with certification on various courses around Key West and New York Harbour. She is not afraid of getting her hands dirty and has several different experiences acquiring engineering qualifications in fueling, oil changing and all the other unseen and unglamorous work that goes into making a boat function. Her transatlantic experience on a tall square rigger, sailing from Woods Hole, Massachusetts to Cork, using traditional sailing practices only, should prove invaluable. Molly has been a really popular figure at the Outreach days, full of fun but also well- informed and willing to get stuck in. That Maiden is all-female fits her own ‘outspoken feminist,’ viewpoint and ‘puts fire in her belly,’ to show just what can be achieved by women.