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Dinner time! Dehydrated food from The Trail Food Co. on Maiden

During long ocean legs on Maiden, the crew takes turns cooking meals via a cooking rota to ensure everyone contributes to the onboard community. The crew plan the meals ahead of the leg well, to ensure they can incorporate fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats (for the non-vegetarians and vegans) whenever possible to maintain a varied and nutritious diet. Dehydrated food is still commonly used to supplement the fresh ingredients available. It's worth noting that in the past, freeze dried food was often a main source of sustenance on yachts during long voyages, and there wasn't a huge amount of choice. However, thanks to advances in technology and improved culinary techniques, freeze dried and dehydrated food today is a lot more palatable and enjoyable than it used to be!

Dehydrating food has become increasingly popular recently. It's a preservation method that involves removing moisture from food, which inactivates the enzymes that would otherwise allow bacteria and other microorganisms to grow, effectively preventing spoilage. The result is a shelf-stable product that retains most of its nutritional value, flavor, and texture. Whether planning a long hike, a sail across an ocean or just want to extend the shelf life of your groceries, dehydrating food can be a good option. In fact, there's already a thriving community of people who make their own or purchase dehydrated food for their outdoor adventures, thanks to the benefits of this preservation method. Not only is dehydrated food convenient, lightweight, and easy to store, but it's also a great way to reduce food waste and enjoy your favorite foods on the go.

The crew of Maiden will be enjoying some food from The Trail Food Co. on this leg, as one of our suppliers of dehydrated food. The Trail Food Co. are a South African company specialising in the production of dehydrated food for all your outdoor and adventure meals. The company offers a diverse range of awesome meals that cater to the whole crew's dietary needs and preferences, providing plenty of different options to choose from. Whether they're in the mood for beef, chicken, or vegetarian dishes and more, The Trail Food Co. has got them covered. With their nutritious and delicious meals, TMF's crew can sail with confidence knowing that they have reliable sustenance during their long voyages at sea.

Visit The Trail Food Co. website here to find out more!