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From Spinnakers to Sweet Treats: Lana's Daily Update on Sailing and Snacking aboard Maiden"

Update from Maiden crew member Lana

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The sun made a beautiful appearance this morning, gracing those with the 0400-0800 watch a 45-minute long work of art, also known as the sunrise. We practised flying the asymmetrical spinnaker while sailing upon an endless sea of ocean blue?. I have seen an improvement in my helning with the spinnaker up, which means a faster boat 6 a safer kite - talk about a win win situation!

New food bags were opened today which meant new sweet treats, my sweet tooth was pacified by chocolatey oreos. For breakfast this morning after my watch I made my own delicious creation I like to call a yOATgurt surprise. It entails mixing oats, water, yogurt, and whatever scrumptious goods I can find. I used the ruminants of the Nutella jar so it had hints of hazelnut goodness throughout.

After finishing up my breakfast I did some short reading on advanced sail trimming thanks to a book Skipper Heather gave me, it is concentrated and informative filled with pictures and explanations throughout - it has been a most helpful tool in improving my sail trimming. Then I shut my eyes and next thing I know Lydia wakes me up for my noon watch - I can hardly contain my excitement because I get to sail again with the sun out! No foul weather gear was necessary as the temperature was rising and there were only scattered clouds in the sky.

The first portion of my watch was filled with trimming the spinnaker - a skill that improves with practice, patience, and knowledge. The wind picked up to around 22 kts so we put a reef in the main and enjoyed some nice speed. The crew of Maiden have been nothing short of fabulous so far. They have not only taught me new skills and lessons about sailing, which are helping me become a better racer, but also a kind attitude that always puts a smile on my face. The wind is forecasted to pick up with a cold front coming in over the next few days. I am excited to put my new skills to the test and work together with the crew and keep Maiden sailing fast!!!

Wishing all those reading the best - Lana