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Sal’s Ocean Globe Race Analysis: Crank everything in and head upwind.

Everything has changed for the fleet in the second week of this third leg of the Ocean Globe Race.

After what was ideal sailing for the first week in (almost unheard of: shorts and tee shirt weather in the not so Roaring 40s!) it all changed a couple of days ago, back to the grey world that they would expect at those latitudes. The boats were all still sailing downwind and making good progress, with no clear leaders breaking away. They had a big change last night as the fleet sailed towards a High Pressure system that is in their path.

Only limited weather information is available, without the luxury of computer models that can show the best way to approach weather systems. They are also limited in their choices by the waypoints which keep them out of the ice. No one was far enough South to roll underneath the big anti-clockwise system so the fleet had to crank everything in and head upwind.

The majority of the fleet, including Maiden are on Port Tack, so, the wind is blowing on their Port Side and they are heading South of East. Evrika and Helsinki made the opposite decision and are on Starboard, heading North of East. Some of the back markers are stuck with little wind. The smart money would seem to be on the Southerly route as the centre of the High appears to be moving North so the wind should back for them. Hopefully Evrika and Helsinki use their Round the Cans experience and Tack on the Header when it comes.

It is easy for me to sit here with all the weather information at hand. It is a very different story on the boats using what little they have at their disposal the make the best informed decisions. One thing is for sure, they are all trying their hardest. Punta parties await! - Sal

Sal’s Ocean Globe Race Analysis:

- Sally (Sal) Hunter was part of the original Maiden crew to sail around the world in the 89/90 Whitbread Race. Sal has joined the Maiden Shore Team for the duration of the Ocean Globe Race, tracking Maiden and keeping us updated with sailing analysis updates! Screenshot from YB Tracking #dpworld