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Sal’s Ocean Globe Race Analysis: Hello Neptune!

The lead pack of 4 including Maiden are now well clear of the Doldrums, after a fairly easy passage through... although I am sure it didn’t feel like it as they sat baking hot on deck with the sails hanging from lack of wind.

They are reaching fast in the South East Trades now, out to the West. The mid fleet boats had a stickier passage through as the Doldrums had extended by the time they arrived. Esprit took a big hitch to the East in search of wind.

They are all out into breeze now with only the tail enders still struggling on. Outlaw is far over to the East, their position forced on them by an unfortunate encounter with a guy in a canoe who may, or may not have needed help. They had no choice but to assist him. If they stay in good breeze the route they are taking is a lot shorter distance to Cape Town so they could make good gains.

Maiden crossed the Equator early on Sunday morning and various offerings were made to Neptune. Some yachts perform some rather sadistic ceremonies for crew crossing the line for the first time. They involve smelly concoctions getting poured on heads and suchlike. We didn’t do any of that as no one wanted even more clearing up to do and adding to unpleasantness on board seemed just silly.

Tanja had miniatures of Rum, given to her by our oldest supporter, 90 year old Biddy Soward. She had been ahead of her time, sailing single handed across the North Sea among her adventures. The rum was given to Neptune as an offering at the Equator.

Some of us were quite jealous of Neptune that day! -Sal

- Sally (Sal) Hunter was part of the original Maiden crew to sail around the world in the 89/90 Whitbread Race. Sal has joined the Maiden Shore Team for the duration of the Ocean Globe Race, tracking Maiden and keeping us updated with sailing analysis updates!

????Screenshot from YB Tracking #dpworld