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Sal’s Ocean Globe Race Analysis: Snakes and Ladders in the Tasman sea

While the lead boats look towards the end of this long tiring leg, there is a problem over 4000 miles away for Sterna. They are in very strong winds with a broken steering cable so are sitting tight using emergency steering until the wind and sea conditions improve enough to let them repair it.

There has been some Snakes and Ladders in the Tasman sea for the leaders. Pen Duick’s plan of going North of Tasmania kept them in the hunt. The High pressure system that dominates the area has been shifting about causing problems and slowing Maiden for a short while. It has moved up to the North East now and everyone is blasting along in strong Northerlies.

The boats will head across the Tasman under the high to hopefully get following winds up the West Coast of New Zealand. The leaders are under the landmark number of 1000 miles left to the finish. That will certainly give them a boost to try that bit harder.

Galiana WithSecure had a slightly different tactic. They took a 50 mile detour to sightsee the cliffs at the bottom end of Tasmania. There is no reason why not, assuming everyone on board is happy to do that. It is not something I would be very happy to do in a 7800 mile race (or any other race for that matter) but each to their own. It shows the diversity that exists within the fleet, that’s for sure. -Sal