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Mile Builder Leg III - Sydney to Auckland 20-19


Mrs Kate Palfrey

I’m extremely grateful to have been given the amazing opportunity of joining the Maiden Factor crew for the Sydney to Auckland leg of Maiden’s World Tour.

Although I’m incredibly excited I’m also rather nervous – this will be my toughest sailing challenge yet. It will the furthest I’ve ever sailed, the longest time I’ve spent at sea, I’ll be crossing a notoriously rough ocean and doing it all with a crew I’ve never met!

I’m going to have to dig deep and put my own levels of grit to the test and I’m hoping that you will support me with this challenge by showing your generosity and donating to the Maiden Factor Foundation.

There are over 130 million girls around the world who are denied one of the most basic rights – access to education.

The Maiden Factor will use funds raised to support their partner charities who are working with communities around the world to empower, teach or mentor girls and provide solutions to enable them to access education.

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